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We collaborate closely with our customers to plan, design, build and provision high performing and reliable data centre solutions without the high running costs

Commonly known as the backbone of all operations, here at belcom247, we understand that the physical infrastructure to any network is a crucial element to businesses.With the best experts at hand to consult with, customers can operate with the safe knowledge that we understand that an intelligent and well executed design will result in

Decreased service downtime

Optimised power management

Optimised cooling and air-flow management with Cold-Aisle and Hot-Aisle Containment enclosure options

Intelligent integrated systems that allow remote monitoring

Upgrade capabilities for long term investment growth

Belcom247 has the ability to assemble your data space into a highly powerful working environment with the added reduced outlay but with none of the compromise on performance.

If you would like to know more, please contact for further information.

Faster turn-around times with dedicated pre-termination facility 

To further optimise quality and performance, Belcom247 can offer customers the option of warranted pre-Terminated solutions to reduce deployment times, waste and materials